Friday, August 22, 2008

I-Quest HEALS Exhibition: a proudness

Alhamdulillah, praise be upon to Allah s.w.t. for giving me a whole day of leisure time. I use this opportunity thoroughly facing towards my one year old laptops; surfing, blogging, editing friendster etc. During previous weekend, my days were fulfilled with a great activity. Maybe all IIUM Kuantan community aware that, isn’t it? It is so-called I-QUEST between 15-17th August. This program is slightly similar to those happen in IIUM Gombak which well-known as CONVEST, currently operating there, between 23-28th of August. The I-Quest which is objectively to let the people around Pahang aware IIUM existence in Bandar Indera Mahkota. Moreover, there was also to build our campus community so that they can be used to outsiders. They were something like how to entertain them and many mores.

Me myself, was assigned as Program Manager for Exhibition that specifically organized by Allied Health Sciences Student Society (HEALS). This activity was special because it was organized by us who are second year students. In our kulliyyah, there are four departments; Dietetics, Audilogy, Radiography as well as Optometry. All of us were combining together to succeed that program. Even though, budget approved suppressed us a lot, but we can manage to continue such program. The budget was only RM700 out of RM2000 at the beginning…can u imagine that? Anyway, we have to obey of what our deputy dean said. Yea, maybe correct because a lot of money were wasting for changing our convocation attire. Am I right? Until 10% of student programs budget must be cut. Is it justice to us??

Never mind, back to our topic.. During that day, I think our services were very paid attention. Compared to those departments those operating without services are less attractive. Dietetics booth for example, which providing BMI check-up, diet chit-chat, getting more crowds than others. I proud with my booth!! Same goes to audiology and optometry who exhibit something that can raise curiosity of the crowd. I told that audiology provided hearing test isn’t it? Anyway, radiography booth was good as well. Their efforts to come down with a synthetic whole human body (replica) also can be attractive.

I hope all of us especially year two AHS students proud with this effort and can be very effective for us in order to face the coming days as a service officers. Furthermore, we can strengthen our brotherhood since our 2nd years students used to be labeled as selfish and ignorance students. It seemingly like our brotherhood is not strength enough. So we can deny that, right? Ultimately, the two days exhibition was very meaningful to me. I can clean up my name as I fail to organize another program before; baktisiswa (community service). Fuh, I hate to hear this name. This name gives me a lot number of problems. All committee members starting from my assistant until the lowest part of exhibition bearers, thank you for your supports, even in form of moral. You are the best.

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